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  1. You never see an NFL player doing this kind of crap. Freakin’ foreign gamma-males: go to your lack-luster socialized medicine clinic and get on the list to have a real pair installed–then find a sport for REAL men.

    1. NFL, where they wear more padding than all if the countries high school girls combined. Rugby is where it is at.

    2. try some italian calcio storico or australian rugby. foreign gamma males ey? those athletes will fuck your steroid-infested, padding wearing fatass nfl athletes up.

    3. btw, most good american athletes are, guess what, BLACK!

      I thought racists are only proud of white people?

    4. Anonymous: Let me know when you get to the top of the list. I’ll be there to hold your hand. It’ll be a wonderful thing. You’ll be surprised how strapping on a pair will change your outlook in life. Your propensity to focus on black people and things going up asses will pretty much disappear.

    5. Lol. love it. Joe with another burn. As usual “anonymous ” just can’t win. story of his life. Haha

    1. Don’t underestimate the faggotness of Nice Pants, none is more gay than he.

    2. How long have you been on the list, Whoa? Hang in there; a pair will show up for you too, soon.

  2. So, did he cramp up in his leg and then play it off like the opponent on the other team caused it? I’m confused..

    1. DJ: You’re half right; I don’t think there was any cramping involved–he got beat so he just dropped and flopped to make it appear that he was fouled. (It was so overdone that he won himself some EpicFail spotlight time.) It’s a typical gamma-male move: when others see you fail, blame someone (anyone) else.

  3. This is the exact reason why soccer is just a bunch of pussies running around thinking they’re badass, but only fooling themselves and other pussies.

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