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    1. You didn’t even know what the word deplorable meant before your two time loser hero said it.

    2. No, a cat looking at a flower wouldn’t beckon such a response. But it’s interesting to see how defensive spear chuckers get the moment they see the truth about to hit them head on. Way to try to deflect, apologist dingleberry mud shark.

  1. Whaddda do? I ain’t do nuffin! I waz scirrred! TNB: typical n!gger behavior, whether it’s in the streets or in a stadium.

  2. “deplorable”: word of the month for defectives whose consciousness is shaped solely by mass media

    are you suggesting that this is not a case of dindooism? look at his actions. he clearly kicks the guy in the nuts and then clearly acts as though he in the midst of a great mystery wherein he is being blamed but in his own mind he “din doo nuffin”

  3. Has nothing to do with liberals you god damn dumb retard… It’s NEVER the damn n*ggers fault WHATEVER the case is, PERIOD.

    1. has everything to do with liberals, because that’s what they all believe…you god damn dumb retard

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