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    1. Miley Cyrus has always been her role model. Who do you think the song I Kissed a Girl was about, dummy

  1. Well, now there’s whigger queen. Holla! No, please don’t “holla”. Her skin is worth more toward the betterment of scoiety than her entire life.

  2. I’m embarrassed that she gets put into the category of an LGBT-ally.

    1. It’s embarrassing that LGBT is even a community to begin with. You low life’s “just want to be accepted for who you are”, but instead of trying to fit into society as normal people you make it a point to be flamboyant and act as if you are special just because you enjoy to have sex with the same sex.

    2. It’s the same with minorities. Why is there a “black community” and “latino community”? It’s just self-imposed racism.

  3. Looks like she fits in just fine with her retarded dance with those queers .
    Oh yeah, glasses indoors, saggy pants and a gaudy 8 pound chain around your neck make you so cool looking.
    Maiiiiinnnn , you da shiiiizzzzneet biatch

  4. Is she “dancing” on a fucking salad bar at Denny’s? That psycho hose-beast is emphatically unhinged.

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