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  1. LMFAO , how is this anything but a win?
    Typical stupid N!gger, can’t speak anything close to English, flashing $50 dollars in ones in a dam trailer.

  2. I think the greatest win/fail of all is not the video, but the exclamation point n!gger shit like this puts on every liberal douchebag crybaby snowflake that visits this or any other site site, leaves a “Ahhhh you’re all racists” comment and then immediately walks head-first into this. Reality and facts are a bitch, aren’t they now? Lastly I just want to add: Fuuuuuuucking n!ggers suck!

    1. That’s right, douchecanoe, everybody who isn’t a racist, trailer-trash scumbag, like you, is automatically a “liberal douchebag crybaby snowflake”. Makes sense.

  3. Who knew the ketchup industry was so lucrative. Listen to this ape… what a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

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