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  1. I don’t know, I’m more amused at the idea that banning a group of any kind, no matter how you feel about their beliefs, promotes diversity and inclusion.

    1. Interesting. The historical American way has been to shun and/or ban disfavored groups–e.g., Indians, Chinese, Mormons, etc. Quite recently, we thought we had grown out of that type of response to disgust of others, and now tolerance is in the forefront. But NOW we’re dealing with people whose beliefs include (in no small way) the notion that Westerners (particularly Americans) need to DIE.

      Is absolute tolerance still the answer?

      One of the recent London attackers was known infamously as “the Jihadi Next Door”. Everyone know how he felt, but since he hadn’t done anything in furtherance of his beliefs, he was left alone. Then he acted on those beliefs and slaughtered people. (He didn’t even need a gun.)

      Where do we go from here?

  2. Immediately ban all covers on lab equipment! They promote institutional racism and are microaggressions!!! My safe space has been violated! My sickle cell hurts!

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