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  1. What a dumb bitch. Couldn’t see that the lid was half off before she started pouring? Can’t cook, surly can’t handle a man in the bedroom… ship her off to India and let the Muslim’s have their way with her. She has no value in American society.

    1. You’re calling someone dumb, yet you don’t know that the main religion in India is Hinduism? What a f*cking moron. Must be that top notch American education. Wanker.

    2. “India’s Muslim population is the world’s third largest and the world’s largest Muslim-minority population. Officially, India has the third largest Muslim population next to Indonesia and Pakistan. India is home to 10% of the world’s Muslim population. India has around 172 million Muslims (2011 census).”

      There’s a quote you won’t like to see. Welcome to Epic Fail! Your stupidity has earned you a spot jn the Stupidity Hall of Fame. Lol

    3. Why are you trying to teach this “nice pants” idiot anything about the world? He thinks Muslim… he thinks India. He thinks Paris… he probably thinks french fries and hamburgers. Thankfully he hasn’t the money to ever see Paris.

    4. lol. If I wanted to be around a bunch of smelly scumbags that bath once a month and have no manners I’d go to the local homeless shelter,not Paris. At least the homeless are halfway respectable. Nice try though. Stay in you’re 3rd world country and I’ll stay in the greatest country our planet has ever known.

  2. And here’s a nice kitchen tip (that I can’t even get my son to follow): If your recipe calls for eggs, crack them first, before adding any other ingredients. That way, if you mistakenly get a piece of shell in with the eggs, it’s easier to see and to remove.

    That kind of dovetails with the lesson learned here: don’t measure into the mix. Measure separately, then mix.

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