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  1. That camera-equipped car was moving quite briskly through those residential streets. I guess it’s fairly easy to keep up with someone who’s ‘driving like an idiot’–when you’re one, too.

  2. So, you admit you pulled out and almost hit the car that was in the travel lane who had the right of way. “Coming out of nowhere means you failed to see him.”

  3. So, right at the beginning, you admit that you didn’t see this car. Obviously, he was in the middle lane trying to get into the travel lane. You, on the other hand, were entering from a side street, failed to see him and proceeded to enter the travel lane. He, seeing you during his entry from the middle lane into the travel lane was forced to accelerate when he saw you (the idiot cutting him off) so that he could avoid a collision. After that, it’s all academic – you were at fault and he was upset by your bad driving.

    And, to this day, you actually think you’re in the right? LMAO —> at you!

    1. they are both idiots. the moron recording didn’t force the camaro driver to mash the gas during a turn, oversteer, and drive up a telephone pole.

  4. I didn’t see a jerk with a Camaro; I saw someone who is tailgaiting someone so much that they brake-check to get you off their bumper. In order for you to video their “antics”, you would have had to have been driving at a fairly high rate of speed too. So that makes you wrong too. By the way, learn to spell.

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