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  1. It’s a Brit. What did you expect, intellect? These are the same people that let sand n!gger terrorists to take over their entire way of life and then elect one of them as mayor of London. Hell, they can’t even leave the Nazi EU without simply saying goodbye.

  2. When I was in high school, buddy of mine had a beater truck with a big block V8. He drove it to the school late one night, took off the rear wheels and tires mounted bare steel rims. We did donuts in the parking lot tore it up so bad the school had to repave it.

    We all had to park across the street in a field for 2 weeks until it was done.

    So much fun sitting in it spinning the rear end around. Front inside wheel would basically be a pivot point since the rear end couldn’t get any traction. Turn the steering wheel to lock and floor it.

    Good times!!!!

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