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    1. She was looking at her phone and NOT where she was going. Clean your glasses and look at the video again.

    2. Allen, you need to watch again asswipe. The woman was clearly looking forward, then takes a glance right then at her phone. She sure as fuck saw it before she went in. Looks like when she toppled over she had to move her body to get all the way in as well.

  1. According to the news report, she’s diabetic and was having symptoms of a low blood sugar. She was checking the time presumably for her eating / medication schedule.
    Very low blood sugar can cause very confused thinking, worse than being drunk. I’ve been there. Not fun.

  2. Whether it was the lady’s dip-shittery or not, whoever left these hatch doors open is to blame. I don’t see any attempt to block off the area. Big no-no

  3. For all you idiots defending this dumbass, go fuck off… Obviously, this stupid lady had this coming… How the fuck can you not see this big obstruction on the street… She got what she had coming for not paying attention… I was in Iraq and paying attention saved your life so no sympathy coming from me…

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