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  1. LOL “Brits”! Love being alive to see the end of an empire. Thought something lie that would be scary, but it’s actually funny. Not-so-great-Britain looks like the world’s biggest fart joke these days.

    1. watch*… as in I love to watch the epicenter of English culture become the centerpiece of modern failure.

    2. Are you actually retarded, rather than just an ignorant American asshole? I hate to break it to you, dickhead, but you’re a little late to watch the end of an empire, if you’re referring to Britain. That came to a close with the end of the second world war. It’s the American empire, the shortest empire in history, which ended on 911, that you might have been old enough to witness. I loved watching the end of that empire.

    1. Butthurt much? We’ll stop mocking you when you stop paying taxes to prop up a useless monarchy and join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

    2. Americans mock the British in pretty much EVERYTHING! From your horrible weather, to your disgusting food, to your ridiculous hats, to your worshipping of a “Queen”, and everything else in between, Great Britain is the most useless and yet most obnoxious of any civilized western country.

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