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  1. If this is in the UK, then the retard in the volvo should have given way to the retard that crashed into the window.

    1. Can you give us an example where the right of way goes to the vehicle entering the circle instead of the one already in it? Retard!

    2. Put the idiot in the Renault should have given way to the Fiesta instead of gunning it to get infront of it.

    3. Hollander, you fucking hopeless cretin, try and use your tiny brain, for five seconds; it is almost impossible to tell which one entered the roundabout first and if so, then they both approached almost simultaneously, therefor the volvo should have given way. Capesh, dickhead?

  2. Ah… Europeans at it again, at least they’re not as dumb and entitled as black Americans, so they’re at least tolerable, excluding the French of course.

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