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  1. He should go bake more cupcakes and cry about it while watching a rom-com and eating ice cream.

  2. I say the whole bunch are idiots. The guy is obviously a stage 5 clinger. I’ve been with the same female for over 6 years and dated many more over the years and have never baked a single cupcake in my life. Then after making making himself look like a little girl goes and cries on facebook making him look like a bigger bitch.

    The girl obviously had led him on. She has had a bf “for ages” but yet somehow this stage 5 shemale has her number, knows where she lives, and feels comfortable enough around her to give her condoms, a thong, and barge in her house as her “bf of ages” sits by and does nothing.

    The girls bf is obviously about as beta as they come. If another guy even showed up at my gfs house, much less gave her condoms and a thong I would “almost punch you in the face”. I would beat his ass, spit in her face and never talk to either of them again.

    Both guys are spineless wimps that let a girl control their lives. The boyfriend is a bigger pussy than the guy who cried on facebook. And the girl is a 2 timing whore who is hiding a lot more than she wants to admit.

    1. ” I’ve been with the same female for over 6 years” ??

      Sorry Pants, but animals don’t count — plus bestiality is illegal. So what is this female? Are you a dog fucker or a sheep shagger??

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