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  1. Every milligram of cigarette ash and each Snickers wrapper in that trash can is worth 20 generations’ worth of this generation’s children like this inert whore.

    1. Not your kind of ‘female’ I guess. Of course not, she’s not a sheep or a dog…
      You sheepshagging, dogfucking ass pick.

    1. You’d never heard the word “deplorable” until your two time loser hero, Hillary, blurted it out and alienated half the country. You’re about as smart as she is.

    2. You poor deplorable clown, you voted for a narcissistic, vulgar, self-admitted sex offender who has spent his entire life stiffing his contractors and enriching himself at the expense of anyone he could step on, simply so you don’t have to feel stigmatised for hating foreigners and calling people “n1ggers”, anymore. Clinton was stupid for saying it out loud, but she was 100% correct; you ARE deplorable. Will you call Trump a loser when he fails to get a single thing through congress during his short presidency, before he get’s himself impeached? I’m sure you’ll go through endless mental contortions trying to blame anyone else rather than Trump for his inevitable failure, of course. What a surprise, the punditry turned out to be right; Trump is unfit for office. Now, back to your basket, Cleetus.

    3. “Narcissistic, vulgar, self-admitted sex offender” pretty much sums up the Clintons as well. You’re an idiot if you think her character is any better. She just doesn’t tweet whatever pops into her head at 3 am.

    4. Why would anyone call Trump a loser? He won! And he won well. I’m sure you donated a few of your pennies to the Clinton campaign. How’d that work out for you? Just like in every other aspect of your life, Al, you were the loser. And by the way, Trump will not be impeached. You have no idea what impeachment even means. Did you just learn that word, too?

    5. Try using your walnut-sized brain before you comment, for a change, dickhead. Like I said, if Trump gets impeached, achieves nothing and goes down on record as the worst president since the last Republican president, then EVERYONE will be calling him a loser. I realise you deplorables love wallowing in self-delusion, but claiming he will not get impeached based on nothing but your razor-sharp instincts, is absurd, even for a gullible sucker like you. I suppose you plan to pretend Robert Mueller expanding his investigation into whether or not Trump obstructed justice, isn’t really happening? Perhaps the two states suing the president under the emoluments clause is just fake news, too? Of course, I’m sure you know better than the dozens of pundits, political scientists and legal scholars who are now openly saying the ‘I’ word.

      By the way, I can’t stand Hillary Clinton. I was very worried about her being elected because it would have meant continuing Republican obstruction for another four years (remember that reptilian fuck, Chaffetz saying he had two years of inquiries into her email “scandal” lined up?), further losses in the crucial 2018 and 2020 elections for Democrats, which will determine who controls redistricting, and I could not see her winning a second term. I don’t have to worry about any of those things now.

    6. I bet that you can’t wait to penetrate Hilarys crusty old cunt with your needle dick.

    7. ⬆︎⬆︎ Come on son, how old are you, fourteen? Your juvenile, cringeworthy comment is pathetic, even for this website.

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