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    1. Wrong, because n1ggers cannot be technically classified as a ‘person’, they are apes.

    2. Not a snowflake by a long shot… I just hate nerdz who use the N word online and who in real life is too much of a pussy to even look a black dude in the eyes.

      I know that as you typed that in the back of your pea brain you thought wtf is someone finds out I am the one who said this… u big pussy

    3. You’re all pansy snowflakes, especially the wannabe moronic meat shield, to state you’re not a snowflake makes you even more of a snowflake ❄️ So easy to trigger thin skinned pansies nowadays, isn’t it? ?

    1. Note the swastika…that’s the symbol for the libs right? Since they’re all national socialists…

    2. Wrong totalitarian symbol reference butt munch. Sickle and hammer is for Communism which is a long way from socialism although both are on the left. However would have been a far better statement than linking a swastika which is fascism. Which is on the right and can be coupled with Capitalism, but with the same level of removal as socialist is to communist

  1. Any black man is cooler by default than this knib. Funny thing is he looks like he passed out at a frat party

    1. After 6 months of whining, crying, and witless one liners, I’m glad to see you finally came up with something somewhat funny

    2. It’s unfortunate, however, that this so called toilet rules the rest of the world and ended the Second World War (a-bomb anyone?)

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