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    1. Well he might make more than you, but you’re a loser so that’s not much to brag about.

    2. You realize that these kids, some of which are only in their teens, own their own houses and make around 500k per competition not including endorsements, and not only that but play multiple competitions per year, right? By your dumbass response to this guy, you obviously had no fucking clue. ?

    3. The last team to win in season one world tournament won 470K per player on the team. The more popular it gets, the higher the payout too. Don’t talk about things you clearly don’t know, scrub.

    4. lol “scrub”? 1999 TLC called.

      $470K is the TOTAL prize money for R6S, from 14 tournaments combined.

      The highest grossing egamer is Saahil Arora with $2.82m total from 64 tournaments. Get out your calculator and stay in school. Scrub.

    5. Holy shit. Just when I thought the kid in the video was a dork… then I open the comments and see a bunch of fags arguing over “professional gamers” salaries. Mark the date. We’ve hit an all time low on this website.

    6. This website reaches a new all-time low every time you utter your deplorable, ignorant drivel in the comments section, dickhead.

  1. When I read “professional gamer” my mind automatically indexes that on the same shelf where “professional bowler”, “professional soap bubble maker” and “professional panhandler” are stocked.

  2. That’s nothing compared to the 750,000.00 grand prize for the ESL CS:GO tourney. It all depends on the game and if it’s PC/XBox.

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