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    1. AI, what you call racist/misogynist normal people just call facts. The world doesn’t care about your idiotic alternate reality and as your life wastes away and you reflect in your old age, wondering why you never amounted to shit, here’s the answer: you were brainwashed early on and your world view is one giant pie-in-the-sky fantasy land. The reality is that n!ggers are in fact, for the overwhelmingly, nothing short of apes. Facts don’t give a shit about your feelings.

    2. @AI the fact that you are Johnny-on-the-spot to be first to preempt with comments strictly on posts that OBVIOUSLY indicate exactly what you intend to thwart, only serves to a. prove that they are in fact representative of what you wish they weren’t, and b. only uderpin the that you too, however unconsciously, totally recognize that they are true. It is simply that your pathetic socially eroded sense of reality thanks to a sorry state of upbringing, keeps you from simply accepting those truths. We call that anger and frustration, so ha ha.

    3. haha I love how dumb cunts like Mr. Anonymous here spouts on how people who are able open their minds and understand other cultures and peoples as brainwashed. So Mr. Perfect please list your accomplishments to date. Give us all a good laugh.

    4. Just because you rush to defend women and minorities on line like some misguided SJW, doesn’t mean you’re going to get laid…they still think you’re weird

  1. @Hollander
    Perhaps you too should look into academia after you learn how to spell it 😛
    I would first look into hospitalization for your current mental deficits. Although it is not fair that somebody bullied you, it is no reason to treat others that way. Learn to have thicker skin and get on with life. You will enjoy it much more if you do more than masturbate to theync videos, drinking fruit flavored beer, and trying different strains of marijuana on an hourly basis. “Get out there and be the change you want to see” is what I would say if I wasn’t sure you have severe rage problems that need to be solved first.
    Just two friends having good, clean fun.

    1. I guess that you’ve never seen a womans tongue before — or felt a womans pussy. Stick to men pumpkin homo…

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