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  1. How is this a fail? She’s in a swimsuit as is her child. Sure she might be conceded, however she has a good body and knows it.

    1. A. This is a tinder profile. Which since obviously you never get any…. is an app for sex. Who posts a child on a sex site?

      B. She’s 19 and has a child that appears to be in the 4-5 yo range???

      Put 2 and 2 together dumbass. She’s a slut selling her ass while exploiting a child that she would probably sell if the price were right.

    2. *free pro advice* when looking at profile pics pay close attention to what is in the background. Women maintain their bodies much like they maintain their living spaces. Dirty, filthy, cluttered, disgusting messes in the background show a strong indication of what their snatches will be like. Advance with caution in this case.

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