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    1. Yellow Claw was the next act up.
      Not sure what was so amazingly off about his performance – sounded like what I would expect to hear at an electric music show. But that is why I don’t go to them.

  1. Not my Genre of Music, took me awhile to figure out what was going on when someone said all he’s doing is playing other peoples music. Ridiculous

  2. DJ who…? why on earth do the yanks promote such talentless nonsense into celebrity status? I’m so sick of crap USA fake reality, celebrity television and faux music stars that I sold my television last year, don’t miss it a bit. Thank god the crowd kept it real at least by booing this joker off stage.

    Thanks a lot UK television and media chiefs for importing shitty USA hand me downs to help spread the rot. This kind of bollocks is becoming all to common place over here, damn shame.

    1. Get your facts straight you beef eating bugger. Shit holes like Simon Cowell brought the shittiest of British reality to the US. Admittedly Americans are famous for celebrating talentless crap like the myriad of DJs out there, but so do you. The fact that we’re all on there posting comments on shit like this is proof. You and I are no better.

    2. Get your facts straight hahaha I’m a vegetarian… that just made my fucking day. I agree Cowell can fuck off as well Cunt flaps.

  3. He got booed off stage cause he was 50 minutes late to his set time and showed up drunk or high. He claimed sound and technical difficulties? This was EDC. No one before or after him had such ‘difficulties’.

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