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  1. It’s a n!gger. Of course it’s illiterate. Who expects a monkey to be able to write, or even speak properly for that matter? I don’t get the surprise.

  2. And now he’s going to make more money than any of us. Great role model for the next generations of monkeys.

    1. it’s ‘your’, you fucking illiterate ingrate. I pity YOUR children if you are their role model.

  3. We have got to be the dumbest country in the world. We complain that these monkeys are spoiled and make too much money but then people have no problem spending $200 per ticket to go watch a sporting event. Solution is simple, stop paying to watch their sports, ticket prices come down, salaries come down, problem solved.

    1. And before any retards start in about how NBA players are elite athletes and talented to make it, throwing a ball in a basket is only one step up from throwing their feces at each other.

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