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  1. This clip pretty much sums up all of modern, western-influenced society in a matter of seconds. Sickening generation!

  2. Type of bitch to take it in the shitter for 100. To be fair, I’d lick that shit for 300 too.

  3. Dumb ass hoe just trying to get the taste of dick out of her mouth, the STDs inside her makes her much less sanitary than that dumpster anyways.

  4. All you sad cunts on here saying shit about her like you wouldnt do that for 300$ fk outta here closet trolls

    1. I don’t need to lick a dumpster like a desperate whore to make $300, and neither does anyone else with a real job. “Fk outta here” and go lick a dumpster you pathetic twatwaffle.

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