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  1. Stupid, worthless, useless, ignorant generation of bio-waste, but the kids are innocent. The parents should be shot or at least, sterilized. This generation will produce NOTHING valuable, ever! Waste of water and toilet paper – the whole lot of ’em.

    1. someones having a bad day. not that i disagree, but its just some bitch not being that good at putting make up on…… chill the fuck out psycho

  2. What happened? I feel sorry for this girl actually. Though someone needs to explain what is going on here because I am a man and i don’t understand these things.

  3. Sadly, the same thing happens when you try to paint a straight line while relying on masking tape. There’s not really a quick way to get good at something like this. If at first you don’t succeed… for crying out loud, don’t broadcast it. Try first; get good at it; then show people what you can do.

    The neck is 18″, if you’re thinking about getting me a tie, next Fathers Day.

    1. It’s easy to paint a straight line on a smooth surface using masking tape. That’s how cars are striped. On a rougher surface like a wall, all you have to do is “lock in the edge” by painting the color under the tape on the edge first. Not difficult.

  4. For those who don’t understand.

    SHE PAINTED HER EYEBALL! yes! there is black in her eye. There are other videos online showing how bad it is.

  5. looks like that sucks ass. instead of looking at it like a fuckwad she should probably be running to the sink to rinse it out and find some visine. dum brod

  6. Never understood why the post videos of them fucking up and having a melt down over it. They just look like spas

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