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    1. It’d be fun and witty, however you keep repeating yourself by saying the same thing on every post with a black person on it, thus a lack of originality and not funny nor intelligent.

      It’s like me saying, butt hurt response in 3… 2… 1…

    2. There is nothing any of you witless good ol’ boys from bumfuck town, in whatever flyover part of the country you live in, could say, that would cause me any buthurt. Anyway, right on cue, here comes this deplorable scumbag☝︎, who just can’t help his ignorant self.


    3. You are so weak minded you cannot even come up with your own, original insults. You simply parrot your lord and savior, Hillary Clinton, she has to do your thinking for you. Your head is an empty vessel.

    4. You’re so obviously butthurt! ? And the finger is pointing at YOUR name!! ?

  1. Oh man that is a tough lesson to learn. I laughed when he tried to put the piece back into place. Sorry chief, it is going to take a while to grow back in.

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