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  1. It’s like tying him up and forcing him to watch, as they tape his kids… that was horrendous

  2. Oh my god an actual fail! They’re so rare nowadays on this site that it’s worth noting when one comes along. That said, holy shit that was painful to watch!

  3. I hate ‘artists’ who ruin something that is good with their own ‘interpretation.’

    Whoever Jose Filiciano is… Not sure they are worthy of playing in front of original artists. Seems his lack of talent is masked by his sunglasses and 80s dad haircut. ‘I play this badly because it is who I am.’ Quote I can see this guy saying with the voice of a 95 year old.

    1. The link you give is just him butchering another song. He’s total crap, only gets performances because he’s friends with people who actually have a lot of talent.

  4. No, neither his handicap nor his prior experience performing give him the right to spew that shit on us. His guitar fingering was decent, but out of place. It sounded like it should be in country song. His vocals we’re off key and way off tempo. He can hide behind the veil of artistic license, but the fact is this was terrible. Many artist are crap. Even good ones can occasionally put out crap. You can decide for yourself which category he belongs in.

    1. I know right? Because Obama has absolutely neither the talent or experience to be president.

  5. The real fail here is that Sting gives a shit. It’s a fucking song. Yes, you sing it better and wrote it. Shut the fuck and move on to something important like tantric sex with hot chicks.

  6. Let’s be real. This song sucks anyway. Sting sucks. And he should have never given his permission for this group of people to play his song without listening to them play it first. Why us the blonde singers nose so crooked? And the dark haired slut in the audience with the grey dress was digging it. Guaranteed her date got it in that night. Well done Jose Feliciano

  7. I don’t understand Sting, if someone does SHIT like that, just walk out. Make it clear that it’s an insult.

  8. The dumb bitch in the front row smiling and bobbing her head like the guy is actually good. Hes fucking horrible you dumb cunt.

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