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  1. She (it?) should’ve tattooed “BATSHIT NUTS” across the forehead and saved all the trouble having to painfully squeeze out a thought.

  2. If that’s the dude’s shoulder then they should’ve put type 2DM because he’s probably obese. Can’t cure DM either.. stupid people

  3. It’s type 1 diabetes, there’s no “probably gonna have it forever” about it, you will have it forever.

  4. That’s actually quite clever.

    If he/she goes into a coma or similarly becomes unresponsive in public whilst alone, it will give paramedics an instant idea of what treatment she needs.

    They actually recommend people with severe illnesses wear bracelets or necklaces or carry a card, this person just decided to get a tattoo.

    So tell me: What smart thing have you done today that lets you mock other peoples life choices?

    1. I’m not gay, there is a cure for type 1 diabetes… they can do pancreas transplants… but the chances of getting one are slim.

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