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  1. I bet all the racist scumbags that lurk in the comments section of this website are disappointed he is not black.

    1. There is your typical, trite comment, haven’t seen it in a while, glad your back and Hillary is likely pleased that you are keeping a candle lit for her. Good for you.

    2. Only fitting that you (Anon) slither out from under your sewage pipe whenever the worst possible example of quasi-human life is the subject of the Epic Fail posting. It’s like you know you and your ilk are prehistoric slime, so you need to preempt anyone from noticing it before you do. Speaks volumes about you. By the way, the description above represents beings 1,000 years more advanced than n!ggers. So there. You got the comment you envisioned minus the satisfaction you hoped for.

    3. How, precisely, did I not get “the satisfaction”, dickhead? I make a comment about the predictability of comments by racist scumbags, and right on cue, here you are, like a retarded baboon, making a racist comment. It’s perfectly satisfying, you pathetic imbecile.

  2. I have one of these things to make my toilet water colorful after I shit and make the bathroom smell spring fresh. $5.99 at any Home Depot in the plumbing section.

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