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    1. Hey, you stopped using your favorite pejorative, “deplorable”, could it be that you decided to think on your own and not simply repeat Hillary’s favorite tag line? Proud of you pumpkin.

    2. While Clinton was correct and “deplorable” does accurately describe many Trump supporters, as evidenced by the countless ignorant comments that litter this website, I think the word “scumbag” is a better description, for the witless morons here.

  1. Like an ape in a clown car at the circus. Hilarious. No matter how much money these n!ggers make they never seem to be able to shake the jungle DNA. Can’t by class.

  2. He is a talent-less hack that mashes up other people’s work into shit. This car is appropriate. It is almost like someone tapped Will.WTF.cares’ very own brain wave (yep, singular lol). Let’s hope those suicide doors see good use.

  3. Well, judging by the endless commercials for Discovery Turbo, this must count as a masterpiece.

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