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    1. It’s clear from your anger toward women that you’ve been rejected more times than Hillary Clinton and John McCain. So you’re still a virgin and probably always will be?! Look at the bright side! Look at all you do have! A winning personali…. uh, your good loo…. uh, a lot of frien…. uh, a family that loves you…. uh, a great life…. uh, maybe you should just kill yourself. Do the world a favor.

  1. Obviously, she’s more concerned about how she looks that any debris falling from her golden locks into the mixer bowl. The way these millennials are going–self-absorbed, careless, and narcissistic–they’re all going to kill themselves before they’re 30. Good thing I’m not counting on Social Security.

  2. On the bright side she has an excuse to get rid of those awful hair extensions. At least get some that match your hair color. If anything this mixer did you a favor.

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