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    1. Seriously! What the hell is wrong with a pony tail? Sometimes I don’t want my hair flying in my face.

  1. Pony tails are awesome. Especially when they flip back and forth when girls walk. They are super cute and in many cases necessary.

  2. God. Im not sure who is the bigger of the morons??? The guy in the video commenting on a video game characters hair, the 3 fags above me commenting on how “cute” ponytails are, or the sleezy skank who thinks they are talking about her and just looks there staring straight to the side?

  3. Just going to say that, they are joking about the ponytail. Its a youtube channel that just makes jokes the girl in the video is the wife of one of them

  4. What the fuck kind of faggot comment is that? I seriously doubt that was his girlfriend in the room. That guy as more loser in his little finger than Hillary Clinton has in her political career!

  5. Guys it’s funhaus… It’s a gamer channel and they are all married. The blonde girl elyse is James’s wife (far right)

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