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  1. Hope they find the douche in the Ford and throw the book at him. Starts off with some pathetic roadrage attempt which the driver managed to safely leave behind. Wish he hadn’t stopped to confront the asshole… Should have called 911. At least they have the tag thanks to the dashcam.
    It is assholes like the dbag in the truck that make me hate the drive to work. There is always some cumwad doing shit like that. I get to work ready to swing on the first coworker that says something to me lol. It is a chain reaction of ruining peoples’ day 🙁

    1. The guy in the “FORD” will NEVER be found because that is a DODGE. They body styles are totally different. And with the edit job on this video NO ONE knows what happened in the beginning to end like that except those involved.

    2. On top of what Dig-up said…. no one made the faggot with a dash cam get out of the car. Had to be a bad ass instead of avoiding the situation. I hope the guy who drove the truck gets life in prison for attempted murder. And i hope the douche that got ranover is paralyzed and lives a miserable life. Two fucking retards who both deserve what they get.

      Remember this video next time you wanna be a tough guy. You never know who youre dealing with and it most likely wont turn out that youre a hero.

    3. Unfortunately you people need to watch the video again. The Truck wasnt completely aimed at the guy who got out of his vehicle. The man that was outside his car pulled a weapon at that time the truck swerved into him (as the guy lunged for the truck) and hit him, then ran over his head skidding on it. Now you can say attempted murder, But This could also be seen as self defense, When the man pulled out a weapon the driver could have likely assumed it was a gun! I would have run over his ass too. We have no idea though what made all of this occur, but the guy with the dash cam was driving reckless right from the start at high speeds.

  2. In a rare moment of internet sanity I will agree. I was wrong calling it a Ford. Looking at the video a second time, the hood indention definitely make it a PTSDodge as I call them. I call them that because they are usually bought by the active duty and returned members of the armed forces around here that are apparently still in “kill mode” and have to get them jacked up with glass packs and run the very people off the road they are meant to protect ironically.

    I dunno tho if I agree with you about the plate/editing. It seems pretty visible in the vid and an easy job for a computer. As far as what happened it really doesn’t matter since the guy ran the other one over and there is really no law to excuse that (idiotic driving from both aside).
    Let’s all have a safe drive home today, people 🙂

    1. The editing he was referring to was the the video itself. There’s a gap in the video that could have shown anything and completely changed the situation. What if either vehicle brandished a firearm at the truck which caused him to freak out and try to get out of there. The gap in the video makes it impossible to condemn either party by this video alone.

      And the guy who said the truck should get attempted murder needs to take a law class. If the truck was driving in the dirt, and someone walks towards, and in-front of, the truck holding whatever he was holding in a threatening manor, the truck can only keep driving or stop and wait for the guy to probably try to hit him. And before you say he could have swerved, watch it again. The truck was already turning and the guy ran in front of the truck, I can only assume he thought the truck was going to stop.

      No one knows what happened at the beginning or what happened during the cut in the video, condemning either is foolish.

    1. Lol, is that how you try to win arguments, pretend to be someone else? If only there wasn’t a unique avatar icon so people can’t do that.

      Can we screen cap this comment as a fail for the site?

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