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    1. And there he is, the dumbest libtard on the internet. Face it, Trump broke you and all your little safe space dwelling lovers.

    2. suppose i’d be butt hurt too if killary didn’t win and participation trophies are no longer handed out to every obese kid living in their parents basement calling themselves vets for playing hours of COD everyday! never mind, got a full time job to tend to.

    3. Absolutely, Jacob. What I love is how the trash are still bending over for President Dumpster even though he is cutting off their benefits. Useful idiots, indeed!

    4. Lol. Cutting off our benefits? The majority of americans dont get government benefits. Lol. Go back to your government ran healthcare system and habe your brain examinded. Ill wait for 9 months to hear the results. Hahaahaha

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