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  1. All you ignorant, juvenile douchebags ☝︎☝︎ can ONLY make racist or misogynist comments on any post featuring a woman or non-white person, right? You’re like deplorable robots that can’t help themselves. Reactionary douche-robots from some rural shithole in flyover country, forever lurking in the comments section of this website spewing your ignorant drivel at any opportunity. Don’t you get tired of being such predictable losers?

    1. Before your girl hillary gave you “deplorable” what dumb ass word did you use in literally every post?

    2. C’mon. underpants, I just got through saying how predictable you ignorant clowns are and here you are right on cue, ranting about Hillary again…just like you do in every post, like a fucking retarded robot. Someone calls you cocksmokers out on your racism/misogyny and all of a sudden they must be a depressed Clinton voter. Is that really all you got, dickhead? Of course, the absurd thing, here, is that I can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but I know that’s too much of a difficult concept for your walnut-sized brain to handle, right?

  2. Oh Stan, you just talked about her dick sucking prowess with your alt in a post previous, you silly goose. Learn to internets.

  3. It looked like the beginning of a porno at first, until the fat fuck entered the frame.
    I’d lick out the 3 hot ones.

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