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    1. Deplorable scumbags, like you, live in trailer parks and never amount to anything, for good reasons.

  1. Why are you talking to yourself Anonymous? At least make up a good gay porn name for yourself like Long Dong Silver or Floyd Mayweather.

    1. I know right. I’d be scared too if suddenly a bunch of 300-pound people came unto the glass bridge I was standing on.

  2. Just putting all the derogatory comments aside for a moment, why on earth did these people even get on the walkway if they don’t like heights?!

    I can’t stand heights, and you’d not find me anywhere near that thing – I don’t even like the thought of cable cars.

  3. Can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to cross a bridge made my Chinks either no matter what it is made of.

  4. God damn! What a bunch of cunts.
    What’s with the slippery fucking feet socks? That makes it even funnier.

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