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    1. Ya see, the problem with your comment is twofold. First and foremost… you’re a moron with no idea what you’re talking about. Someone not smart enough to research a story before he/she comments. This story is not from America. Second, but just as important… you think immigrants are “taking over” America? My uneducated, idiotic, and moronic friend… America is the land of immigrants. Everyone living in America is the product of immigrants.

  1. Love how the n!gger has the star of David on one side of his jungle bunny mug and a swastika on his forehead just in front of where a human’s brain is supposed to be.

    1. Shows how educated you are moron read a little you will thank me for it some day.. Nazi swastika is rotated 45degrees and faces right. The one this idiot got is more along the lines of Buddhism.

  2. Guy is looking for a job in the wrong place. Just be a criminal. It is super easy to get guns in the US and they are great tools for robbing people and businesses.

  3. N!gger with a swastika tattoo, the nazis would almost certainly have stuck his black ass in a concentration camp gas chamber.

  4. Bad news everybody. Well maybe good news hidden in there some where. But the idiot got it in prison and they used melted plastic to make the ink. So might not have to worry too much about a long term career.

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