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  1. Ah yes, “immigrants”. Aren’t they a tolerant and inclusive little blessing now. Serves you right UK for your snowflakery.

    1. The deplorabot strikes again. It’s amazing how you retards can take a video of some faceless guy in a helmet and his clearly white accomplice and turn it into an unhinged rant about immigrants. Your utter stupidity means you MUST be American.

    2. Hey asshole, what’s your deal with the word ‘deplorable’, can you not make a comment without using it?

    1. Except the doesn’t know the first rule of dashcams that no one follows: Don’t ever say you have a dashcam! He would have been arrested and responsible for the damage to her car if she had kept her mouth shut and called the police. Instead the idiot ran away.

      Likewise if you’re in a bona fide accident, don’t say you have a dashcam. Let the other driver lie about what happened and then have his credibility destroyed when a video surfaces.

    2. JoEbYX Good points. I never felt the need for one, but I am seeing more and more of this happening online, so maybe I will get one. But excellent tips

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