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  1. Russia is a third world shithole? How much do you drink? A couple of white, Russian versions of ‘Murican n!gger-types act like assholes and your hillbilly brain goes into overdrive. What a moron you are! Btw – that’s an UAZ truck. Even a 1980 issued UAZ would run over a military issue HUM-V like it was a Lego truck. There are still UAZ trucks built in the 1950’s that still run like clockwork, you fucking redneck monkey. Take trip, learn a skill, try walking a few feet in another part of the world, you ape.

  2. U mad bro? Your precious UAZ can’t even run over a railroad track. A HMMWV (not “HUM-V”) can drive straight up a wall.

  3. It couldn’t make it over a train track. I hardly think it could run over a HumV lol. I keed I keed. It reminds me of my dad’s International Scout. I am sure it is the offroad beast. Those things and Comcast employees will be the only thing left after the apocalypse 😉

  4. Yes russia is a 3rd world country. There are a few oligarchs that are rich beyond imagination. But the majority of the population live at poverty levels below the american nig nogs collecting welfare checks for a living.

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