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  1. That is a Boa Constrictor, and a small one at that. While the guy might feel a little pressure, and is clearly freaking out at the end, he’s in absolutely no danger of being harmed. The snake is just getting a firm grip so it doesn’t fall. The snake is not capable of, or even trying to hurt him. Idiot should get more comfortable with snakes before filming his pansy-ass getting freaked out by a harmless pet.

  2. Funny as hell how he just screams as if hes dieing instead of pulling it off. Its a pretty small snake. He should be able to over power it.

  3. Constrictors do on occasion feast on monkeys in their natural habitat. Nothing new, strange or obscure here. It simply identified the primate as a potential meal and did its thing. Hope it succeeded and got a nice belly-full of n!gger meat. good for the snake, good for humanity. A total win!

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