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    1. I never understand how there can be anyone who’s allowed to drive who doesn’t have the sense to simply slow down when the fish tail starts wagging.

  1. So….don’t tow if the combined weight of trailer and load is heavier than your vehicle.


    Also nice to see that Brits are quite capable of fuckups…seeing as they are always crapping on ‘mericans.

    1. Brits? The brits are among the most fucked up and unimportant people on the planet. The sun set on that weak empire many, MANY years ago. All that’s left are a few aging relics, the worst oral hygiene on earth, the ugliest women to ever walk upright, and some awful hats. In this day and age, Great Britain couldn’t conquer Kentucky.

    2. Funny how you’re commenting on an aging empire and then refer to a British stereo type from that era. British oral hygiene is far better than your Yanks. Instead of just slapping some porcelain veneers like you lazy spas they actually clean and look after their natural teeth and have a more natural look instead of some attack of the clones shite you’ve got going on. This is also coming from an Irish person, give me a Brit any day, a people that actually travel outside their own country and know of the outside world.

    3. Wait, you’re Irish? And you’re commenting? Didn’t the Brits rape and pillage and utterly humiliate your entire piece of shit island? Where have you traveled? Enlighten us with tales of your globetrotting ways, oh wise one. Sit down and shut your mouth, McRetard. When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.

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