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  1. It looks like he has got the trick wrong and has the chair the wrong ,way round. The idea is you knock the table out of the way and land on the chair, but he has the back of the chair towards him.

    1. The laziness and unoriginality of the political trolling, especially when the post has absolutely nothing to do with pilotics is really a bad look.
      The election is over. Get some new material already.

    2. Shut the fuck up with the Clinton/Trump thing already. None of you idiots even have the slightest clue about politics, and all you do is regurgitate the same nonsense over and over.

    3. No what we have here are just people sick and tired of you gobshites who’s only put down is along the lines of Hillary or Clinton supporter followed by putting tard at the end of a word.

  2. Please Mr. President, I’m so tired of winning… (I’m not)



    /Get the above Trump supporters a jacket and direct them to the meeting over at reddit/r/the_donald

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