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  1. LMAO so the poor folks had to go to Chiraq to not be able to play a game they could play at home.
    As someone who did live sound for years, the PA was also shit. Seriously underpowered and/or probably wired out of phase on one side. Hope they attendees get refunds and figure out something fun to do with their money. Otherwise they weren’t hurting anyone and probably had things stolen from them in Chicago. That place is a shithole that should be nuked from orbit. I get that it seems central and all but it is no place for loved ones to have to visit at all. They can collect taxes from all the gangstas that they let run the city.

    1. You live in a right-wing, dark fantasy world and have clearly never been to chicago. Your asinine idea of what Chicago is comes from your ignorance fueled by the drivel you watch on Fox news.

      Try thinking for yourself for a change, dickhead.

    2. LMAO lay off the three dollar vodka, jackass. It is seriously damaging your thinking and creating some sort of paranoid schizophrenia. If we are going to make pointless suppositions about one another, I would guess that you were touched by an older brother or older sister’s boyfriend and have never gotten over the violation and the fact that your parents were happier fighting one another than listen to you. You cloistered in your room listening to Linkin Park and other shit Nu Metal bands and have built up a victim mentality to the point that you feel a kinship to Hillary Clinton (probably reminds you of your duplicitous mother) and feel the need to attack others that apparently don’t line up with what you think your mother should be dated by/fucked by. I hope you get some medication because it is starting to take over your life and manifest itself by reading things that aren’t there, hearing voices in your head, and probably minor destruction of your own belongings like pouring a coke on your bed or pissing behind a curtain in your room like a cat, etc.
      Lived close enough to that shithole for 3 years to have a pretty strong opinion (as does Obama and even Trump) that Chicago is an unflushed toilet, save for literally two sections of the city which merely have their crime bussed in as the criminals can’t afford cars. I can only hope you and your single mom that continues infidelity with a constant cadre of boyfriends and “uncles” move out of that shithole you apparently live in so you can get help for your low sperm count and dabbling with fecal masturbation.
      Honestly, Detroit (which I also lived uncomfortably close to for 8 years) was safer imho. Granted there are fewer people in Detrizzle than Shitcago and certainly less population density, but I would take Detroit over Chicago any day. That is saying a lot/not much. Have fun dodging bullets and paying for Latin King anchor babies, dipshit.

  2. Yeah, not about to waste over 8 minutes of my life watching this, but the title is enough. The very fact that this exists is testament to the FACT that the US is no longer a country of progress and leadership, but a cesspool of degenerates and social amoebas. This generation has killed a once great country. Sick and sad.

    1. Wow, a little dramatic, are we? Relax, kid. Take your meds, play some Xbox, have your baba, and then take a little nap. You’ll feel better when you wake up.

  3. “Pokemon go fest”. WTF. Seriously. Get a life you or crawl up you mums vag again and stay there. Fucking nerds.

    1. yeah, why don’t they hang out at epic fail and spend their time commenting about other people instead right? that’d be soooo much more productive and cool.

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