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  1. As much as I can’t stand Bieber, I can not say that he was an asshole or at fault in this instance. These people got in front of an obviously large truck and did not back up when they should have. He was at least calm and collective and stayed to make sure that the person received the treatment that he needed.
    With all these fucking paparazzi, well, play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. When you’re career is being a stupid piece of shit that hunts people down for photographs and harasses them, expect that there will be a level of danger when you are constantly being a cunt to people that want to be left alone.

    1. Idk who any of you are trying to kid. Beiber didnt run him over and the guys is obviously faking trying to get paid. Sad part is he will.

    1. Hillary’s water carrier right on cue, hadn’t heard from you in a while. Glad to see you are still not creative enough to conjure up your own pejoratives.

  2. The alleged victim was not next to the vehicle in the last shot available from this angle. How was he run over? Did he purposely place himself in the line of the path it would travel seconds before the incident occurred? Seems staged.

  3. Glad no one was hurt. Can’t stand Bieber but not really his fault outside of not having a hired driver and shitty security personnel. Paparazzi are scum anyway.

  4. Oh great! Another n!gger just hit the ghetto lottery.
    I hate Justin Beiber more than most; But don’t walk out in front of a moving vehicle.

  5. I love how Anonymous always shows up with the “deplorables” comments.
    Hey Anon. News flash! Deplorables isn’t a derogatory comment when referring to people that voted for Trump. We wear that shit like a badge of honor, dumbass.

  6. Whew, that was close. I almost lost another voter. Well, not really. I will still get that mans vote even if he dies.

  7. Or good photos for the pther fucks around him…bet he didnt sue….just helped evenlne get pics they could sell

  8. Not sure which i hate more, bieber, or crap journalist wannabes. I say let bieber run over as many journalists as he wants, then shoot bieber afterward, then it’ll solve both problems.

  9. The only thing wrong here, is that Justin Beaver didn’t put the car in reverse and then run over him again.

    1. Lol. Thats funny $hit right there. In all serious. I think any dude that portrays hate towards bieber is a closet fag. So he makes shitty music…. who cares. His music sucks and hes 23 and worth $225 million, bangs countless bitches, travels the world, and drives around in sports cars worth more than most of our houses. Not a single one of us that wouldnt trade places with him. Give me 23 million at age 23 and i either wouldnt live to see 24 or would be behind bars for 10-15

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