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  1. Trump supporters have jobs, they don’t waste their time walking a picket line…guarantee every one of those protesters is a liberal.

    1. Yes, repeat the same boring, stupid, pointless comment over and over and over again. “Trailer” and “scum” blah blah blah. Your trolling skills are as prolific as all the other skills you all libtards have mastered, which is to say, nada, nothing, zilch. Just still bio-masses wasting good air without purpose or output. I’ve left more productive things than liberals, in toilet bowls.

    2. My god “anonymous” is rerarded. Of all the things you could whine about, Apparently you didnt realize “anonymous” uses the word deplorable in every lame comment he uses. I get it. Youre new here. But at least get with the program.

  2. You do know that most of the the protests for things like these are conducted by a company hired to do the protests, right? Or do you just blindly assume that everything is Liberal versus Conservative and believe everything that you read on the Internet?

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