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    1. Yes, you can clearly tell from the video that he is an illegal mexican immigrant, right, dickhead?

  1. The guy was obviously high as fuck on drugs. Hopefully someone got his tag before they posted on their social media bullshit page that nobody gives a damn about.

  2. Drugs’r bad, mmmkay. Damn that greasy taco bender was wigging out! Spicks. Yeah, sure libtards, more of that is what we need, you hollow pumpkin-brains.

    1. A ‘hollow pumpkin brain’ is still smarter than ignorant, deplorable trailer scum, like you, though, cocksmoker.

  3. Hey instead of detaining this guy kets get out and all record in our phones, wtf is wrong with people, a little heroic jesture is too much for the human race

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