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    1. Haha, the ven door opens and it gets warm. Haha, the refrigerator door opens and it gets cold. Haha, after sunset it gets darker. What, are you Nelson from the Simpsons? …kin retard.

  1. These are the trailer trash deplorables I’ve been talking about.
    I hate to admit it, but busted beer cans on a redneck are kinda sexy.

    1. Is that the only word you know, “deplorables”? What are you, Hillary’s dic(k)taphone? Is it that hard to come up with quips? Watch, I’ll show you how.

      1. You are a broken 70’s cassette player with a 2009 birth date.
      2. Your birth certificate has ‘Platitudinous (negative)’ listed as your blood type.
      3. Your I.Q. score was rounded to the lowest common n!gger weave, i.e., knife wound stitches.
      4. Tourette’s Syndrome is now manageable. Get a free consultation.

      I can do this forever, but it’s a sin to make fun of retards.

  2. Anyway….gentlemen please. Lets focus. A bunch of dipshits fuckin around. Buddy was gonna sling a beer and the chump with the semi automatic was gonna shoot it out of the air.

    Before it was over dipshit with the gun swept his buddies with a (no doubt) loaded pistol and almost ended up adding to the stats.

    It was goatee city and not a woman in site. Fail.

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