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  1. Nothing like walking outa your home to get your drivers license renewed and make the conscious decision to NOT take a shower, brush your hair, change from your sleepwear, etc.
    Looks like the type of slag you’d see at WalMart at 1 am. wearing her jammies and bunny slippers.
    I’d say, I’d fuck her, but even I’m not that desperate.

    1. nothing like mistaking a passport for a driver’s license, despite the fact it says “PASSPORT” with a big ass american flag

    2. Forrest says: ma mama always seyd that ‘big ass” and “murican flag” go together like peas and carrots.

  2. Look at this typical millennial shitbag. Hasn’t showered in days. Doesn’t want to be “objectified”, demands free tuition, attends BLM protests. Just an abject failure on every level. Let’s hope she is brutally and visciously murdered in whatever country she’s planning to visit.

  3. ….uh just where the fuck is she going looking like that anyway? Someone should inform this retard that you don’t need a passport to go from Arkansas to Kentucky.

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