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  1. She may have NOT wiped out had it not been for the jackass yanking on the left handle bar like he did.
    What a waterhead.

    1. She was headed straight for the car at full throttle. If she hadn’t wiped out she would have been thrown headfirst over the handlebars when the bike slammed into the side of the car. Either way it ends badly.

  2. Who was the stupidest one in the whole crowd?
    1. Owner of bike lending it to a novice.
    2. Owner of bike letting a novice ride without shoes/pads/instruction, etc.
    3. Naive girl that’s never seen someone take a spill and wants from distinctive scars?
    4. Us, for watching videos like this and by that encouraging more stupidity.

  3. She was going straight until that Prick grabbed the front of the bike and then the back which made it tilt having her fall off, MF, hope the police got involved on his ass

  4. Brilliant, learning to ride a motorcycle with no shoes, no helmet and wearing a dress. Sometimes you deserve the pain.

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