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  1. Proper punctuation makes all the difference in the world.
    Sounds like someone got herpes in their asshole.

    Like: I’m going to help my uncle Jack off his horse.
    Sounds a whole lot different with the comma in the right place.
    I’m going to help my uncle Jack, off his horse.

    1. Actually, that sentence doesn’t need a comma, you stupid retard. You help your uncle Jack off the horse. Or, you help your uncle jack off the horse. See the difference? Idiot.

    1. Look at you fags, critiquing punctuation on a hate note written on a car window. Please kill yourselves.

      You’re welcome you illiterate cunt.

  2. …what’s a “hate not”?

    Anyone who sleeps with owner of a champagne colored 997 deserves at least a cold sore.

  3. What is really appalling is that fucking landscaping. Section 8 housing to pay for that Porsche and Axxe body spray huh.

  4. Any N!gger who is trying to rock a old ass, POS Porsche 928 you know is gonna lace you up with the crud.
    Bet you the inside o that car has more black ice tree fresheners than a head shop

    1. ….I stand corrected…it is a 928….I was trynna think of the model that would be fitting for that photo.

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