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    1. It’s ok everyone! Mr. Deplorable is back. We thought you died for a second, unfortunately not ?

    1. Were you refreshing this page every 5 minutes waiting to post that retort? Do you not have anything better to do?

    2. Of course he didn’t…he’s a butthurt unemployed liberal who can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost. He calls everyone ignorant but he’s too stupid to understand trolling…rofl

    3. blah, blah…butthurt…blah, blah…liberal…blah, blah…Clinton…zzz. Your a witless broken record, cocksmoker. The same dreary insults endlessly repeated because your tiny, walnut-sized brain is too stupid to comprehend any other possible reason why someone could be calling out the racists. They MUST be butthurt Hillary supporters, right. Well, guess what, cumsock I didn’t vote for Clinton…shock, horror! Now fuck off back to your basket.

    4. lulz u mad bro? I never said you voted for the Hildabeast. Just that you can’t get over the fact she lost and Trump is president. You are very clearly upset about that, to the point where you feel you need to respond to every troll and call them deplorable. At this point it’s just getting pathetic…

    5. Uh huh, sure. You rant on about how sad I must be because Clinton lost, in EVERY one of your robotic comments, yet because you never actually said in words that I voted for her, after I told you I didn’t, means you win, right? Can you actually hear how retarded that sounds when you say it out loud? Yet, ironically, you call me pathetic. Priceless.

  1. Hey Anonymous!
    Not to worry. I’ll try again in 2020.
    I’ll just have to “suicide” some investigators first, so I’m not incarcerated by then.
    Let’s get together for a martini and a carpet licking session.

    1. What are you on about, you sad, gullible cretin? Are you attempting to regurgitate some conspiracy theory you lapped up of one of your favorite right wing “news” outlets? The fantasy world that exists in your tiny naive mind must be quite a place.

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