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  1. Hm, yeah. If that were me this would’ve gone very differently. You know, these cunts scream equality and all that stupid broad-talk about “I can do what you can do” shit. I’d would’ve given that hooker a taste of equality and snapped her spine in two and knocked her jaw into the next block so she can feel all that equality for 2 weeks in the ICU. Dude’s a punk. Hit that bitch like she was ISIS.

    1. It’s funny how every loser on the internet thinks he’s a fuckin superhero. lol. Dude, this chick would have shoved your moms dildo up your ass & you would have liked it. haha.

    1. Learn to Reply properly dumb ass. Also, she’d have shoved that cone right up your ass and taken a picture, perhaps she’d pull down her trousers and piss in the cone for target practice, perhaps you were down a quart and needed some filling up

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