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    1. Does your extra chromosome wake you up once a day just so you can write a few idiotic comments here and then go right back to sleep until the next day? Take a gander backwards through this site and count the number of ‘murican idiots vs. others. Go drink the juice from a car battery, moron.

    2. Awww… Anonymous, you angry that us Muricans have more fun and share more vids than you and other countries on this website, time to upload more of your home videos then, Window Licker!

  1. I wish this kind of thing happened to all those shit kicking, redneck, Trumpanzees here in the US.
    I see those pieces of fascist shit do this kind of thing all the time.
    I get revenge for the rest of us good people…on 4 occasions, so far, I have been able to catch up to these pieces of shit, follow them to their destination, then slash their tires.

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