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  1. Bitches behind the wheels of vehicles should be illegal to the extent of a felony. They belong in the kitchen not on the road.

    1. Ah, classic deplorable scumbag comment. The girls must really love you and your Saudi Arabian attitude. What a catch.

    2. Most women would prefer a Saudi Attitude as opposed to a whiney white knight ball less bit@h that constantly cries about comments on a satire site. Guranteed!

    3. Clearly, underpants, you must be really popular with the ladies too. I’m sure your incorrigible misogyny is a big hit with all the girls. Nevermind. MGTOW, right, dickhead? Lol.

  2. My kind of constituent.
    Young, dumb and impressionable.
    When someone witnesses me doing things like that, they usually commit suicide with 3 gunshot wounds to the back of their head, and their body moves itself to a different location.

    1. Oh here we go, another conspiracy theory custom made to appeal to your gullible inner douchebag. Don’t you ever get tired of being endlessly played like a fiddle by the lunatics that spoon-feed you the stories they manufacture that you desperately wish were true? The moon landings were fake and 911 was an inside job, right, dickhead?

      The bizarre thing is, it’s eight months after the election and you STILL can’t stop ranting on about Clinton. Wt actual f is wrong with you (besides your epic ignorance and stupidity, of course)?

  3. I’m sorry everybody. I don’t know what got into me.
    I just don’t have an original thought of my own. That’s why I rant on over other people’s comments.
    I really am upset about Hillary losing the election. So upset in fact, that I’m going to drink bleach in about an hour.
    I just need to finish masturbating to gay porn while asphyxiating myself.
    See you on the other side, deplorables.

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